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Blog Categories

Articles and podcasts posted at will for the most part fall into one or more of the following categories.  The number of categories will grow over time under the guidance of the CEO Advisory Committee.

Board Capacity Building

  • Developing the board’s composition
  • Strengthening board members’ governing knowledge and skills
  • Updating/refining board structure (committees; board meeting format and schedule)
  • Updating processes to engage board members actively in key governing areas – e.g., strategic and operational planning/budgeting; performance monitoring – and in important non-governing volunteer work – e.g., image building; external/stakeholder relations; fund raising

Board-CEO Relationship

  • Role differentiation
  • Communication/interaction guidelines
  • Relationship management techniques
  • Board chair-CEO relationship
  • Board evaluation of CEO performance

Board-Savvy CEOs

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge/traits/skills
  • Roles: in board development; design of board engagement processes that foster board members’ ownership; board-CEO relationship building and relationship management
  • Providing board members with ego satisfaction

CEO Professional Growth

  • Self-knowledge and awareness
  • Knowledge acquisition (books; mentors; experience)
  • Career planning
  • Learning from failure
  • Spiritual dimension of growth (dealing with fear)

External Relations and Fund Raising

  • Image update/branding
  • Communication: with public/members/clients, etc.
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Fund raising structure and strategies

Innovation/Change Management

  • Values/vision/mission updates
  • Strategic issues
  • Change initiatives
  • Change implementation
  • Mergers/acquisitions as a survival and/or growth strategy


  • CEO character traits
  • CEO articulation of vision/values and strategic directions
  • CEO credibility based on behavior (“walking the talk”)

Organizational Development

  • Business models
  • Internal culture
  • Management structure
  • Planning and management systems/processes
Doug Eadie